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Welcome to Simeti's Gymnastics Academy

 (a family run business right here in the neighborhood)

We are moving to a Bigger, Better Gym!

As of Saturday, October 23rd, we will be in our new gym located at 6649 Keystone St., just off of Torresdale Ave.  (and only about 12 minutes away from our previous gym at MaKen Studios.



This site is currently under construction, but our gym is up and running.  We will be at MaKen Studios until Friday, October 22nd, and classes will then take place at our new gym at 6649 Keystone St. Our New Gym isn't quite ready so we have to cancel Monday, Oct. 25th classes.  We will, of course, offer make up classes.  Give us a call so we can get that scheduled for you.  Sorry about that, our new landlord still has a few things to fix.

  Current Classes are as follows:

Monday Beginner Gymnastics 5-6pm
Monday Intermediate Gymnastics 7-8pm
Tuesday Beginner Gymnastics 5-6pm
Tuesday Intermediate Gymnastics 6-7pm
Wednesdays Beginner Gymnastics 6-7pm
Thursdays Beginner Gymnastics 5-6pm
Thursdays Dance 6-7pm
Saturdays Toddler Tumbling 12 noon
Saturdays Beginner Gymnastics 2-3pm
Saturdays Beginner Gymnastics 3-4pm
Saturdays Intermediate Gymnastics 4-5pm

We will be adding more classes and activities once we settle into our new gym.  We will still be hosting Birthday Parties and will soon resume Friday Nights Out.  Stay tuned and check back soon for updates to the site.  Thanks!

Why enroll your child in gymnastics?  Gymnastics teaches kids many things, such as:

  • Coordination and Flexibility

  • Sportsmanship and Social Skill Building

  • Fundamentals of Movement

  • Discipline, Listening, and Determination

  • Self Esteem and Confidence

  • Goal Setting

  • Strength and Power

  • Skills to Enhance Other Athletic Sports

  • Health Benefits

  • and FUN!