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Coming Soon!

We are considering adding some new classes and we are trying to see which classes you'd like to see added, so take a look at the list below and feel free to email us at (or you can just tell us when you're at the gym, we'd appreciate your input) and let us know which you'd be interested in. Some are for kids and teens, and other are for adults and some are for both.

     *Yoga  (adult)

     *Mommy and Me Yoga

     *Gymnastics for Cheerleaders

     *Salsa Dancing (for kids, teens and adults)


     *Tai Chi  (adult)

     *Gymnastics summer day camp

     *Irish Dance (kids or adults)

     *Zumba  (adult)

     *Movie Nights (for kids or family)

     *Massage Night (for stressed out parents)

     *Psychic Night (I am friends with a FANTASTIC psychic who gives the most accurate readings it'll blow your mind)

     *Self Defense Class (kids or adults)



     *Adult gymnastics

     *Arts and Crafts (for kids and/or adults)

Also, if there are any other classes you'd like to see, let us know and if we have enough interest, we will hire an instructor and add your class as the schedule allows.

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