To see all of the amenities we offer for our parents. (hint, there are massage chairs!)

About Simeti's Gymnastics Academy

Simeti's Gymnastics Academy is proud to announce our new, more spacious location in the MaKen Studios North Building Suite 213 located at 3525 I St, Philadelphia, PA 19134.   We have off street parking available in the strip mall across the street, as well as plenty of on street parking.  We are steps away from Scanlon Recreation Center, which has a playground for bigger kids, and one for smaller kids, as well as a year round ice hockey rink and in the summer a public pool.  

We also feature a parents lounge with massage chairs, where you can relax and watch your children take their class while you enjoy a peaceful massage!

Why enroll your child in gymnastics?  Gymnastics teaches kids many things, such as:

  • Coordination and Flexibility

  • Sportsmanship and Social Skill Building

  • Fundamentals of Movement

  • Discipline, Listening, and Determination

  • Self Esteem and Confidence

  • Goal Setting

  • Strength and Power

  • Skills to Enhance Other Athletic Sports

  • Health Benefits

  • and FUN!

Scroll Down To Read About Our Instructors, Read Some Reviews and See What Else We Will Be Adding Soon!

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Simeti's Gymnastics Academy Instructor Spotlight

Coach Lemiya

Lemiya has been studying under Gymnast Tony Simeti for 8 years, and has been coaching for the past 5 years.  She has taught Autistic Support Gym classes at Kensington High School, and is currently attending Temple University where she will earn her doctorate in Child Psychology.  She is a patient and kind teacher.

Meet Nah-Keith, our new Hip Hop Instructor.  Nah-Keith attended Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School as a dance major.  He specializes in hip hop dance and choreography.  He was in an undefeated dance group and performs annually at Temple University's Signing Day.  He has a positive attitude and  we are excited to add him to the Simeti Academy's family.


We make learning gymnastics fantastic!


Here's what we are up to when the gym is empty and we are just fooling around!

Meet Mya, our Modern Dance teacher.  Mya has been studying dance since she was three, and specializes in modern, contemporary, jazz and lyrical.  She's an excellent choreographer and loves working with children.  She has taught kids dance at Congresso De Latinos and we are very proud to have her on our staff.

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Comming Soon

Gymnastics Merchandise.  Tracksuits, Leotards, Hoodies, Jackets, face masks, you name it and all can be personalized!.  Stay tuned!

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HAHA Look at Miss Lisa's face as she tries out the trampoline!

Miss Lisa in her native habitat, the massage chair.

Coach Lemiya doing her thing!