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General Gym Rules

1.  Wear proper gym attire.  Leotards, bodysuits. t-shirts and tights are fine for girls.  Boys can wear shorts with tucked in t-shirts and sweats are also fine.

2.  No jewelry, buttons, zippers, snap or jeans are allowed by students.  Those things can rip our equipment.  Also, absolutely NO gum!

3.  Rough-housing and horseplay will not be tolerated.  If you continue after one warning, you will be told to leave the gym.

4.  We have a ZERO Tolerance bullying policy!  Also, we expect our students to be kind, and respectful of each other and of our staff.  Our goal is to have our students be good role models for each other, so bad attitudes, rudeness and sassiness are not permitted.

5.  Most importantly HAVE FUN!  (and tell your friends about us!  If you refer us a new student you will receive a $20 credit on your next tuition payment1)

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