Our Covid Policy

Class size will be limited to 10 students and only one adult can accompany their child.

Everyone entering the gym will have their temperatures taken to make sure no one with a fever is permitted inside the gym.

Everyone entering the gym MUST wear a face mask, parents and students.  No worries if you forget yours, we will have some on hand for sale for $1.

There will be hand sanitizer at each gym station.  

Classes will end a few minutes early in order for us to disinfect the equipment for the next class.

There will be no make up classes if you miss a class due to the class size limitations so please try and be here for every class you sign up for.

1.  Wear proper gym attire.  Leotards, bodysuits. t-shirts and tights are fine for girls.  Boys can wear shorts with tucked in t-shirts and sweats are also fine.

2.  No jewelry, buttons, zippers, snap or jeans are allowed by students.  Those things can rip our equipment.  Also, absolutely NO gum!

3.  Rough-housing and horseplay will not be tolerated.  If you continue after one warning, you will be told to leave the gym.

4.  Most importantly HAVE FUN!  (and tell your friends about us)

General Gym Rules